Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Change IE Title Bar Text

How to change "Provided by Dell" in your Windows Internet Explorer title window:

Change IE Title Bar Text
This tweak allows you to customize Internet Explorer by adding your own window title.

[Start] [Run] [Regedit]
Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
Modify/Create the Value Name [Window Title] according to the Value Data listed below.
Data Type: REG_SZ [String Value] // Value Name: Window Title
Value Data: [Enter The Text Desired In Title Bar]
Exit Registry and Reboot

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The worst oral presenttaion, ever!

I've finished all the presentations this evening. I think, my talk is the worst of all guys presenting at this conference... I was so nervous, and I've to see my text through the entire presentation. And, I exceed the 15 minutes time... they don't even give any question time for me because there's no time anymore. Everybody who see my face seems like saying, "You're the worst guy today!".

By the way, all have finished... and everybody who I met during the poster session (after the oral presentation) agrees that our data on Si(111) is the best result in the world! I think, here, they're good at presentations, but, their results are bad! In other words, they're good at presenting bad results! And the worse thing is they fabricate their results to look good! They do TEM, but when I asked about why their dislocation density is so good, they told me they estimate the dislocations by AFM. I wonder why they estimate it by AFM when they already do TEM (she is a professor, the meeting chair though). Seems like she don't like me much because I said during the oral presentaton that we're one of the few laboratory in the world who could achieve crack-free GaN on Si, and nobody attending this meeting could achieve that. The professor also did LED on Si, but she told me the IQE is just around 12% (no data shown though). Still, we're the best! Haha...

I like a professor (Prof Wang) from National ????Chung-Tao???? University from Taiwan. He advised me about his paper published on APL last year about threading dislocations, and he got almost the same result as mine. He's a very nice guy, we had a little discussions after my oral presentations. I like him very much.

The poster presentation went well though. There're people working with LEDs/devices who like it. And I had good discussions with them. A guy from Stanford who did a very good oral presentation during the session also spend his time at my poster. Seems like he's interested in what we're doing (maybe interested to copy my methods too! Haha..). I understand that he's also working on Si substrate for GaN. There's also a women working on GaN nanowires who shows her interest in my LED too. And, a professor from National Soul University... I think, he want to know comparison between LED grown on Si and sapphire. I didn't have experience working with sapphire though, so the simple question is a little tough for me to answer. But, I said it's 5-10 times higher intensity on sapphire, but the saturation current is 2 times higher for LED on Si. There're plus and minus in everything...

Frankly speaking, I met many good people during the poster session :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogging from San Francisco

Arrived at San Francisco this morning at around 9AM (it's 1AM in Malaysia, the next day). Had a tough check at immigration by US Home Land Security. I was redirected to the 2nd stage. Thanks God documents, esp the invitation letter from MRS was with me at that time. But, the officer there took allllllll information about me, my family, what I'm doing, even my VISA credit card number. Maybe it's only because my name is Ahmad... what the heck!

Came to my hotel (The Pickwick San Francisco) at 5th Street (near Moscone West and SF Center) from SFO using door-to-door van, costed 16 dollars. The hotel front desk told me it would be 12 dollars if I booked with them. Actually, coming to the hotel by BART (Bay Area Railway Transit) is far cheaper, just around 3 dollar. I took the van because I have too many luggage with me, the main big bag, a long poster case, and 2 briefcase with laptop in each. One is mine for personal use, the other one is my laboratory's for the presentation on Tuesday. But, mine is old... so, it's buggy and weighty... and many documents in there which I think I need to read before the presentations.

Hmm... just returned from going out for dinner. I wen to Mehfil Indian Restaurant and 2nd street. The environment there was great! The staffs are very friendly. I've no idea which is good, so I just ordered what the guy staff recommended me. Chicken briyani as the main dish, some appetizer and a drink. The best one is mango lassi for the drink. I could say this is the best lassi I've ever drank. (Lassi is a sort of Indian juice). I even bought another one for out. Just like the guy said, "You'll be addicted to it!". Haha... it really is.

After that, went around Powell Street. It's a really nice place, with many Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Korean, Japanese restaurant around. If I didn't find Mehfil earlier, I would've dine at any restaurants here. The area is better with many people around, and tram with crowded people inside. Maybe this is the nightlife area in SF, I think (not sure though). There're many hotels around, and you're searching for a Halal restaurant, there is a Indian & Pakistani Restaurant just near the Hilton Hotel at O'Farrel Street. I saw many people inside. Nice place I think. I'll probably try this place on the other day.

Haha... nice day anyway, at least I could gasp the atmosphere here. Just to make myself convenient with this totally new place for me. And, I'm alone too... maybe I'd meet somebody at the meeting tomorrow :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

How Do I Live