Saturday, September 20, 2008

Turn off indexing and speed up Windows XP

If you don't use Windows XP's built-in search often (like every day), disabling indexing can significantly speed up your PC.

By default Windows XP indexes files on your hard drive and stores them in memory to speed up its' built-in search. But if you rarely use Windows search, turn off indexing to free up memory and CPU horsepower for the files and applications you actually do use. A few simple how-to steps after the jump.

To turn off indexing:

1. Open up "My Computer."
2. Right-click on your hard drive (usually "C:") and choose "Properties."
3. Uncheck the box at the bottom that reads "Allow Indexing Service to..."
4. Click OK, and files will be removed from memory. This removal may take a few minutes to complete.

To disable the indexing service:

1. In the "Start" menu, choose "Run."
2. Type "services.msc" and press Enter.
3. Scroll-down to "Indexing Service" and double-click it.
4. If the service status is "Running", then stop it by pressing the "Stop" button.
5. To make sure this service doesn't run again, under "Startup Type:", choose "Disabled."

Windows search will still work if you perform these steps, but it will work more slowly than if indexing was enabled.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

New! Geng: The Adventure Begins Trailer 2

Haha... proud to be Malaysian!

Monday, September 08, 2008


I like this one, from Petronas Malaysia.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finished temperature-dependence photoluminescence (PL) measurements...

So tired... finally finished TD-PL just now, from 5K to 300K (10K increment for 5K-100K & 20K increment for 100K-300K). There's 5 samples to measure... actually, it's not the sample which make it hard, but the temperature increment which make it very boring measurement. At first, I had to put my samples into a cryostat, cools the cryostat using liquid Helium until it reaches 5K, and increase the temperature according to the measurement parameter using a heater. And, there's a lot of waiting to get the temperature stabilized, before doing the photoluminescence (PL) measurement.

What makes it a tiring measurement is... there was problem with the diffusion pump when I vacuum the cryostat last night (after putting my sample in). Even after waiting for 2 hours, the pressure still at 2 x 10^(-2) Pa. It should be around 1 x 10^(-4) Pa after 40 minutes pumping...

Then, when it reached 5K this morning, I found that the He-Cd (helium-cadmium) laser [used to excite electron in MQW (multi-quantum-well) structure of my sample] didn't reflected properly / passing properly through mirror / lenses on the optical configuration. The worse thing is I found 2 laser spot on my sample, even though there's only 1 laser used in the configuration. I think somebody has accidentally touched the mirror/lenses on the optical table... I was soooooooooo ANGRY!!! But, who? Arghhh...

Fortunately, I fixed the mirror direction on the optical table to get 1 laser spot on my sample... fortunately... seems like it's ok. Dr. Ishikawa must be sooo angry if he found that thing happened again. Everybody who do PL must be angry if he/she found the laser is reflected to different direction... it's normal thing in this field. But, who did it? Hmm... no idea... maybe those guys... (no more comments)

Okay, I've to go home... so tired. I've to spend many hours to analyze the PL data...

Just hoping I could sleep well tonight... Insya'Allah.

~~~ So happy to see a mail from Chongqing in my mailbox just now :) ~~~

Friday, September 05, 2008

Yet another ω-2θ scan...

Doing omega-2theta scan for my MQW sample on GaN substrate. Got the BEST result I've ever collected for my MQW structure! And hope this is among the best result in the world! Alhamdulillah... berkat bulan Ramadhan.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Japan Applied Physics Society Fall Meeting

Japan Applied Physics Society Fall Meeting is being held at Chubu University, not so far from Nagoya. I also went there to listen for special symposium on GaN research today. The speakers are Prof. Akasaki (Meijo Univ.), Prof. Amano (Meijyo Univ.), Prof. Shuji Nakamura (Univ. of California at Santa Barbara), and a guy from Toyoda Gosei (sorry, not remember his name) who is managing opto-electronics department there.

Frankly speaking, I've read/seen most of the contents in their presentations, but listening to their presentations gave me a perspective that they've devoted all their life for what they've done. They also have pride in what they're doing... that's very obvious. Although there's not so much I could learn from their presentation, at least their hard work gave me some glory for what I'm doing.

The most important presentation is about LED and LD on m-plane GaN which is scheduled for tomorrow at 9AM. I'll be there, for sure.

Met Prof. E* as soon as I returned to the laboratory this evening. There's a lot of thing on schedule to be done... but not to say anything here. Also got sample from Suzuki-san. And had some discussion with Nomura-san about the sample I asked him to grow on tomorrow. Now, actually, I'm doing XRD (x-ray-diffraction) scan for the sample I received from Suzuki-san just now. The characterization will finish tomorrow morning at 7:30AM (it takes 12 hour)... so tonight will be another sleepless night for me. I've to finish it before 8AM as it takes around 1 hour to go to Chubu Univ. from my university, by train and feeder-bus, to listen for the m-plane GaN LED/LD tomorrow morning at 9AM.

Okay, good luck for everybody! :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Got my Onda VX-777!

Haha... the gadget I waited for a week finally arrived. So happy :)