Thursday, June 03, 2010

Status Update...

This is my first blog post since I came back to Malaysia. A lot happened actually... but they're too personal to write in this public blog. Most are bad news... about my sister, my younger breaking his arm bone, etc...

Regarding the invited paper for J. Phys. D, Alhamdulillah (thanks God) it was accepted on May 25th after a little minor revision. I put some part of the publisher's reply here which was sent to my professor last week:

Your article for J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. - D/350***/SPE/157***

Ref: D/350***/SPE/157***

Dear ***

TITLE: High performance InGaN LEDs on Si (111) substrates grown by MOCVD

Your special issue article has been accepted for publication in Journal of
Physics D: Applied Physics and you now need to complete and return the
Assignment of Copyright form.

Please note that we are unable to accept electronic signatures, and that we
do require a signed Assignment of Copyright form before we can proceed to
publication. It is important that we receive all the pages of this form
from you, including any unsigned declarations, so please be sure to return
the entire form.

You can find the Assignment of Copyright form on your personal author
homepage located at****

Your username is: *****
You will also be asked to enter your password, to ensure security of your
personal data. If you have forgotten your password, we can send you a new

Thank you for your interest in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics and we
look forward to seeing the final published article.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Ryder & Christopher Mooney
Publishing Administrators
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Publishing Team
Sarah Ryder & Christopher Mooney - Publishing Administrators
Sarah Quin - Publisher
Gregory Smith, Olivia Roche and Colin Adcock - Publishing Editors
Chris Benson - Production Editor

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