Sunday, November 30, 2008

RapidXen VPS


Ordered a RapidXen VPS yesterday to setup a LAMP server, and for testing some virtualization manager for my other server. Just got a mail from the admin there saying that my account has been provosioned. Yahooooo! ^_^ But, I mistakenly shutted down the server with "shutdown -h now" command, it should be "shutdown -r now". Alamak! Tersilap! Haha... I'm mailing the admin (William Pitcock) asking how I could start up the server... aiseyyy...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Akasaki Research Center 8th Symposium

Akasaki Research Center Website

Attended Akasaki Research Center 8th Symposium at IB Building, Nagoya University today (Nov 20th, 2008). The event started at 10:30 until 17:30, with speakers that are among professors and associate professors from universities around Japan, France and Sweeden. I went there together with Dr Chin, Pum and Shu. The weather was pretty cool since the morning, but we went there by bicycle as planned (even though I thought I just want to go there by subway... but Pum came to my place by bicycle, so it'd be interesting too to go together by bicycle, hehe ^_^)

I've seen some of the contents in the talks in another meeting I attended before, but I'm totally impressed with presentation by Prof Noda of Kyoto University! He's doing research on photonic crystal, and his approach to GaN is pretty cool! Maybe I could try his approach photonic crystal on my InGaN on Si laser diode that I'm working with. It would take another 2 years though... but it's good for the continuity of my research in the future, probably when I have my own MOCVD in my own laboratory in Malaysia. I really need a MOCVD to realize my future research! It's not good to speculate much what I'm gonna do in the future as this is a public blog, but it's worth to note. His talk on PC (photonic-crystal) was really easy to understand, not like some other professors who just show plotted graphs and datas on their slide, without really explaining to the audiences what the basis and real-world facts.

The other talk that attracted my interest is by B. Monemar who explained about p-type doping (by Mg) in GaN. The good thing is, this is what I'm looking since half a year before! His PL peaks from Mg-doped GaN samples were pretty much identical with what I got in my (*****) samples! That's impressive! I'll read all his papers in the coming weekend. He's answered most the questions in my p-doped samples... haha!

There're also some other good presentations, about InN, etc, that I believe a pretty good achievements. However, there're presentations like Moth-Eye surface LED that I already saw before, at Japan-China-India Workshop held at my university. The GaN growth on Si substrate presented by a student in Sawaki Group (Nagoya Univ) was also a blend of old and new results. I saw part of the content at Tokai Region Nitride Research Meeting last year, and there was talk about research on AlN growth by Mie university group which I saw during the same meeting last month (at Meijo Univ).

Okay, that's all. Bye ^_^

Monday, November 10, 2008

alan - 心・戰 Xin Zhan ~Red Cliff~ complete music video (with English translation)

Watched Red Cliff movie with Mr Shimada last night. Really like this ending theme... the music is so soothing :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Misha Omar - Dedebu Cinta

An exhilarating voice of Misha Omar, one of my favorite Malaysian pop singer.

Warisan - Anak Kecil Main Api

A song that brings my heart to the past...

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Some breath-taking view photos of my hometown city...

Owhh... I could spot my house, the nearby sport stadium, airport, and my playground... haha! Really miss this place.

A Malaysia Airlines B747 jumbo plane during landing at Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu. See the stadium in the background? I pass that place everyday to go to my school last 15 years ago :) (at that time, there's not even a single building on that ex-paddy field area).

Mid-term Presentaton

Finished my mid-term presentation for my laboratory in the evening... :) This is the first time I did it in English. Usually, I did it in Japanese, but today, Josephine and Pum did it in English, so ME TOO! I'm a foreign student, not a Japanese! Doing it in English is far more easier, but the problem is we cannot expect questions from the Japanese students, that's why all my previous presentation in the laboratory were made in Japanese.

About the presentation... hmm... just showing my old data. Six-month-old data. So, Even egawa sensei didn't ask me because he already knows what the content is. My new data is still very confidential at the moment. Probably, Egawa is the first guy who will see it, haha... I've gave him some hint about it a couple of days ago. So, he expect me to show him the data. Haha... most part of the analysis has finished, just a few corrections that I'm working with. Insya'ALLAH, at least another paper for this data alone... Insya'ALLAH :)

Okay, have to get some sleep. So tired because as usual, had seminar after the presentation, had some shopping at Jusco after that, and had hot-pot with my friend at home... haha! Too much activities in a single day... too tired.

See ya'!