Sunday, November 08, 2009

Got my new car!

Alhamdulillah, I got a new car through corporate car auction in Tokyo last Friday (Nov 6th, 2009).

Had to spare a parking space for that car too... and successfully got it yesterday (Nov 7th). It's just near to my university's back gate, near to Circle K convinient store. A pretty convenient place, indeed. But, have to 'kayuh2' my bicycle to go there from my apartment. Hmm... less than 3 minutes though. Hope that it's safe there.

Tomorrow, I'll go to Showa-ward Police Station to make Parking Lot Certificate (syakou-syoumei-syo). I'll meet the parking lot owner to get his permission letter that I need to submit to that police station. And also pay him JPY12,000 (lowest at that area) for monthly parking. In Japan, you need to have a proper parking lot for your car before they approve to register your name for that car. So, nobody will leave their car at a non-proper place, as every vehicle has it's designated place approved by the traffic police to park. Nice rule. Should also be applied to Kuala Lumpur in the future.

Then, I'll need to go to the police station again the evening to submit all the forms, and then go to Chikusa-ward Office to obtain inkan-syoumei-syo (Certified Seal Registration). I'll need it to register my car thereafter.

I really hope that all the procedures can be completed until Friday Nov 14th. Hmm... not sure though. Next week is also OK. I'm too busy with my thesis this week, I think.

Okay, good luck to everybody!