Monday, January 26, 2009

Xin Nian Kuai Le :)

Happy Chinese new year to all my friends! Xin nian kuai le & Gong xi fa cai! Wish everybody good luck, good fortune and good times!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A full blown day of activities

Did a lot of things today.

Started X-ray-diffraction (XRD) experiments with Pum in the morning. Pum was quite busy today because he has interview for his scholarship, but I glad he was able to come to the laboratory and join me with the XRD.

He left the laboratory for his interview in the afternoon. I also left the instrument and went to International Student House for a Malaysian student meeting. Actually, I went to the meeting just to eat the free lunch... haha :) So, had to sit down and listen to their meeting, etc... and yes, MAKAN! (eat!) Haha! (Actually, they need to give free food to attract people to come... what a bad management...). Hmm... after that, went to Osu Kannon with Kucai (Osu Kannon is a very famous downtown area in Nagoya selling many computer, fashion, foods, traditional goods, etc). Bought something very nice as a souvenir to 'somebody' I will meet next month.

Also, looked for some bags for myself... for my conferences. Last year, I bought a Samsonite leather shoulder bag, but that's too big for just a commute between hotel and conference hall. I saw a Tumi bag, that's pretty nice. Light and slim, just fit to put a lightweight small laptop and a few documents. I really liked this one... but, I'll search at other places for a better price. Haha... really need that I think.

Hmm... back home at 6, and had to cleaned my house because Kucai told me that my juniors will come to my house for a 'nabe' party (like Chinese hot-pot). They came and did some shopping at a nearby Jusco/AEON, came back again and prepare with the raw foods. I prepared 'konomi-yaki', my favorite.

Our 'kimchee nabe' and 'konomi-yaki' this time were the BEST! Not only the taste, but also because we got many more members... 7 person this time. Haha... it was 'saiko'! (the best!).

Before 11 PM, I left the guys with the party and went back to laboratory to shutdown my XRD instrument. When I reached there, Pum was already at the instrument, waiting for the final (204) omega scan to finish. All measurement for today finally completed at 11:20, and we left the instrument 20 minutes later after doing the shutdown procedure. Nomura was still there doing AFM (atomic force microscopy)... I felt very sorry to him because I asked him 2 days ago to finish all growth for my LED samples which I really need for another conference... but, I cannot tolerate with excuses, that's what I hate most. (Actually, I asked him for the sample in early December, but he kept postponing the growth for my sample... I was so angry with him last 2 days when he gave me another excuses... sorry, no more tolerate this time. We're working on schedules, not on excuses...).

In life, I never wanted to be a strict man. But, when I'm too soft with them, they don't listen. That's why I like to be viewed by my junior in the laboratory as a strict guy. Whoever who know me personally will know what kind of person I am... just another man passing by you on the street, and you never turn back to see him again... hehe...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Michael Heart - We Will Not Go Down (A Tribute for Gaza)

A song for all Muslims around the globe regarding the fate of our brothers in Gaza, Palestine.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Trip to Hekinan Coal Power Generation Plant


Went to Chubu Electric Hekinan Coal Power Generation Plant at Hekinan city. I think, it's still in Aichi prefecture. I just want to put some photos here.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alhamdulillah, my abstract was accepted!

Wow! What a great day today. Wake up in the morning, switch on my laptop, and got 2 new mails in my Windows Live mailbox... and they were from Materials Research Society (MRS). They're about my submitted abstracts last November. And the good news is... both of my abstracts were ACCEPTED! Wow! And the better news is, one of the abstract about MQW enhancement by adding SLS cladding layer was accepted for ORAL presentation! Alhamdulillah. The other one about LED fabrication utilizing the same SLS cladding layer was accepted for poster presentation. Haha... it's great! (Sadly to say, the one accepted for poster presentation is planned to be withdrawn because my supervisor asked me to submit it to a different conference). Whatever it is, everything's so great!

Thank you Allah, ma & abah for your support!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009