Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Designing new life...

Alhamdulillah, officially secured my unit at Astana Condominium, Cheras KL. Mine at 17th floor, with fascinating KL view. Alhamdulillah... rezeki saya... walaupun beberapa org berebut utk unit ini... (will update my blog on this later this weekened)...

The story behind...

Actually, I went to visit Adik Ilmi living at Bandar Tun Razak Cheras several weeks ago. It's just my normal visit... almost every week I go to visit him as we're not far away. But last 2 week, it's a little different. He told me that there's a new condominium development nearby. So, we went to the site. But it was late in the night and the area was dark. It's at Bandar Permaisuri, next to Mentari Condominium to be precise. The area is pretty new.

Last year, I also came to this area considering to buy a shop-office unit, and I must say that I like this area very very much! It's new, has wide roads, nicely designed area, properly maintained, a little raised land (not too hilly), many Malays (meaning good neighborhood standard, less crime or vandalism, less drunk drivers, peaceful place for a living, etc), mosque is just a block away, nearest LRT station is just 5 minutes away, easy access to East-West Link, Besraya, MRR2, Plus, etc. Don't have to stuck in traffic jam too long as entrance to East-West link is just 1 traffic light away (don't even have to go through the traffic light, just turn left at the light).

After visiting the site that night, I quickly check about new property development at that area on the internet... and I found Astana Lumayan condominium. It's exactly as I wished for! Everybody who knows me surely understand that I'm an extremely picky guy! Looking at the design is like falling in love with a girl at first sight... cinta pandang pertama la kata orang! Keke :)

Took time a little bit to think. I also searched for other development at that area... and of course, looking for comments from others on forums. Seems like all the units are fully booked. On one weekday in the preceding week, I called the developer office from the number I got from the net. Hmmm... the operator was Malay lady, and quite rude, I must say. She told me that all units are fully booked, but she asked me to go to the developer office to view the show unit. Hmmm... I've no idea, but I think it's a wise idea to see the show unit for my future reference.

Last Saturday, I went to the developer office and met one of the staffs there. It's quite late, around 12:15 noon as I picked my younger brother nearby first before going to the developer office (They close at 1PM). Saw several young Chinese families in the office as I entered... maybe coming to see any new project development... not sure though. At first, the staffs told me that all units at Astana are fully booked. They asked me to register for their future development, Casa Lumayan to be developed next year. But, I'm not interested for that one as it's a large scale development with 900 units. The Astana is just 250 units with only 2 blocks, so its quite exclusive!

When there was only me and my brother in that office, one of the staff told me that there're units picked by the staffs and contractors earlier that are available for sale, if I'm interested. Of course, I'm interested! That's what I'm looking for, right?

And the discussion goes on... first, she told me there's unit at 4th floor facing lake behind the condominium. But, I don't like that one (it's 4th floor... not a good floor number to live!). I prefer high floor instead. Then, she offered me a unit at 17th floor, facing KL city. The price is the same, and "duit atas angin" (because I'm buying from other buyer) is the same, but with premium view! Wow! Immediately I said, "YES! I want that unit!"

Afterward, she showed me the show unit next to her office. I must say that its properly designed, and looks spacious. It's different than other condominiums that I saw before developed by some Chinese companies. Even the RM650k condominium at Bangsar South don't feel spacious to me because it's badly designed! And another good thing is, all the 4 bedrooms (and kitchen, and of course dining & living area) has windows! So, there's no dark rooms like terrace houses! There's only 4 units for each floor (per column), that's why.

I discussed with Abg Wan, Abg Yie, Abah and Ma when I returned to Abg Wan's house. Everybody agrees with my decision to buy. I then called the lady at developer's office and scheduled an appointment for booking. It should be last Thursday, but then postponed to last Saturday. And, finally, it happened today... Alhamdulillah, with my own salary in it! (Borrowed RM1k from Abg Yie though to make it RM13k). Haha... RM13k get zapped in 1 day. Never had this experience before, but I'm feeling really satisfied with this purchase. It's like you're securing a girl of your dream, haha. Alhamdulillah...

Will bring Abah & Ma to the show unit this coming Friday. Hehe :) (Really hope they like my 'dream girl'!)