Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New post after a long time...

It has been a long time I didn't post here. I must assure you readers and followers that I do not, and will not abandon this blog. It's totally about my life. Some of the content here inspires people... so things are good I believe.

My current status is: Working and living in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Not much I could elaborate since I never know who actually reads this. But, people around me know a lot about me, so it's unnecessary to tell more, right?

Currently, after coming back to Malaysia, my passion is towards building vapor-phase-epitaxy (VPE) instrument/system for gallium nitride growth. People are supporting and sponsoring me money to work for this. In life, it's always good to do fundamental thing that only several people in the world are working for it. Nobody in Malaysia has the idea what I'm working on... what in my mind... how the things are working... how things are controlled... who to meet/collaborate with... etc. Some only know the chemistry/physics theoretical processes, they found it in text books.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with guys from Japanese company producing parts to precisely control gas flow which I will use for my project. The general manager from Singapore branch of its office came to my office, and, I should say that he is the guy I really need! Having experience designing VPE system for one of Japanese electronic giants, I must say that he's an expert in gas control/distribution system in VPE system! And gladly, he was in Nagoya prior assigned to Singapore, and he also actually worked with my previous university in Nagoya for CVD/VPE there. We went out for dinner together last night at The Garden (next to Mid Valley Megamall), and get to know each other further more. Through him, now, I know who to contact for other parts of the VPE system I'm working on. Nice! :)